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Minnesota Snake Breeder Scott Nellis Passes Home Inspection

Scott Nellis can continue to breed certain snakes in his home-based business.

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There is some good news for Minnesota snake breeder Scott Nellis, who wrangled with the Coon Rapids City Council over his home-based snake breeding business in 2011.  City officials inspected his home this week and it passed inspection.

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Nellis was cited by the Conn Rapids City Council over his home based snake breeding business in 2012. At the time, in addition to legal snakes, he was breeding pythons and boa constrictors, which were banned by the city in 2010.

Although he can no longer breed pythons and boa constrictors, Nellis still can breed other snakes in his home as long as the primarily purpose of his residence is for living. City officials documented 360 snakes, 60 lizards, more than 200 feeder rats and tubs of feeder cockroaches.

John B. Virata keeps a ball python, two corn snakes, a king snake, and two leopard geckos. His first snake, a California kingsnake, was purchased at the Pet Place in Westminster, CA for $5. Follow him on Twitter @johnvirata