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Want To Intern In The Maldives To Help Sea Turtles? Read On!

The internship is two weeks and includes free room and board at the Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu resort.

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Interested in spending two weeks in the Maldives to help rehabilitate sea turtles? You can with this unique internship opportunity.

olive ridley sea turtle hatchling


steve jurvetson

Olive ridley sea turtle hatchling.

The Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu resort in the Maldives and the Olive Ridley Project are looking for an intern to help out at its Marine Turtle Rescue Centre this August. While the position is unpaid, the intern does get free room and board, free dining at the resort’s restaurant, a sunset cruise and a snorkeling trip. 

The intern will work directly with the centre’s veterinarians, rescue and feed turtles, cleaning enclosures, observing surgeries and will help to release the rehabilitated turtles back into their ocean homes. 

Intern Duties:

  • Feeding the turtles
  • Cleaning holding tanks
  • Observing surgeries and medical procedures
  • Attending rescue missions to collect turtles in need
  • Assisting with the release of rehabilitated turtles back into the ocean
  • Interacting with guests who visit the centre and giving them information on the turtles staying at the centre
  • Attending any Olive Ridley Project presentation evenings
  • Posting on the Olive Ridley Project’s social media platforms, to update on your personal progress and show a behind-the-scenes look of the Rescue Centre

“Coco Collection is dedicated to their continued efforts to care for the environment and recognize the need for sustainability,” Siraj Waseem, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu’s general manager, told CNBC Make It. “We hope this internship will help to highlight the fantastic work the Olive Ridley Project is achieving on Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu.”

If you wish to apply for the internship, you must submit a two-to-three minute video detailing why you are right for the internship, as well as a 500-word cover letter stating your case. Applicants must be 18 years old or older and should show interest working in a related field. 

“In four years, the partnership with Coco Collection has gone from strength to strength, and the dedicated Rescue Centre on Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu has rehabilitated and released over 40 turtles,” Martin Stelfox, founder and CEO of the Olive Ridley Project, told CNBC Make It. “Marine conservation is more prevalent than ever before, and we are delighted to be offering a lucky intern a hands-on experience working with such beautiful animals to help sustain their existence.”

For more information on this internship position, please visit the Coco Collection website