Doodle4Google Contest Entry Features a Reptile Lover’s Art

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Doodle4Google Contest Entry Features a Reptile Lover’s Art

Vote now so we can see reptiles on the Google home page!

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Lucas Schild of Grace Christian, AK has entered a Doodle 4 Google art contest and his piece is all reptiles! He has drawn the word Google using the forms of several reptiles, including a lizard, tortoise, turtle, Iguana and two snakes. 

Doodle 4 Google

Lucas Schild

Vote now so we can see Lucas Schild's reptile art on Google's page!

“I love all reptiles! Geckos, ornate tortoises and sea turtles, green tree snakes, iguana lizards and the eastern diamondback are all fantastic and amazing. I love to learn, draw, and find them in the world. They are mysterious.”

Cruise on over to the Doodle4Google web page and vote for Lucas’ entry so we can see our beloved reptiles grace the page of Google! 


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