Live In Fort Wayne, Indiana? Want To Count Frogs And Toads?

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Live In Fort Wayne, Indiana? Want To Count Frogs And Toads?

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is offering free training to help count frogs.

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If you live in or near Fort Wayne, Ind. the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is looking for folks who can volunteer their time to help count frogs and toads in northern Indiana. 

northern cricket frog

 Stephen Therres/Shutterstock

Cricket frogs have made a comeback of sorts near Fort Wayne.

FrogWatch USA is conducting a nationwide frog and toad counting event that will help scientists and researchers to determine what threats are posed to amphibian populations in the country. The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is participating and is in need of your help. The zoo is training volunteers Feb 20 and 27 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Volunteers will learn how to recognize the calls of 11 toad and frog species that are native to Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. The volunteers can take that newfound knowledge and visit ponds, streams, wetlands and marshes in the area and wait to hear the amphibians make their calls. 

The zoo wants participants to listen for frog and toad calls at their chosen sites twice a week through the breeding season which runs from March to the first week in August. 


The data collected will be examined by scientists to help determine what threats there may be toward these amphibians.

For more information, contact the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo at (260) 427-6800 or visit