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Chinese Man Feeds Puppy to His Python And Gets Some Serious Flack

Chinese social media reacts with impunity at this man for feeding a puppy to his snake.

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If this is how this man feeds his snake, he needs to seriously rethink keeping snakes. A Chinese man who keeps a large python feeds it puppies that he apparently “adopts.” The man posted a seven second video onto social media of his snake approaching and then constricting a small brown puppy, and the man has been widely criticized on Chinese social media site Weibo for feeding his snake puppies and apparently duping people who give him puppies under the guise of adopting them, according to the Epoch Times.

The report said that folks who were seriously pissed off at this man applied human flesh search techniques to find the social media accounts of the man, in an obvious effort to shame the guy.


Some of the comments show that many folks were seriously disgusted with this man’s actions.

“It’s not that I values dogs over other species, but this guy is betraying the trust of others by adopting animals to feed his snake,” one commenter posted on a Chinese social media site. “Then he makes it into a video and puts it online, and he’s laughing! Nobody with upright moral values would support this, right?”

On Chinese social media site Sina.com, one user said  "A golden python costs at least a couple of million Yuan. This man must be a tasteless tycoon. Ordinary people would not be able to afford the pet, this person is indeed sick."

Another commenter said  "The man and woman in this video should be given a death sentence. Do they still have humanity?"

This is a pretty repulsive act, and the video is sad to watch, especially if you are a dog lover. The man needs to find a frozen rabbit supplier. We are not posting the video on this page, but a simple Google search will lead you to it.