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Corn Snake Lost In Rental Van For 5 Months Finally Reunited With Owner

Gavin Burnett was moving to a new city when Mushu escaped inside the moving van.

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A corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus) which spent five months lost in a rental van in Aberdeen, Scotland, has been recovered by its owner, thanks to a call to the Scottish SPCA.

The corn snake, named Mushu, somehow escaped into the van when his owner, Gavin Burnett, was moving to another city last June. Burnett knew immediately that Mushu escaped and did everything he could to try and find him.


“We had been in the process to moving to Glasgow back in June when she went missing,” Burnett told the BBC. "When we couldn't find her we stripped the van and put it back together about three times, left bait and water to try and get her to come out."

"After about six days and no sign we just assumed she had escaped from the van altogether. It was such a shock to find out she had been spotted in the van and we can't wait to get her back home."

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Susan Grayson, the woman who spotted Mushu in the van, was terrified of snakes and immediately called the rental company, which was unsure what to do, so she then called the Scottish SPCA.


The SSPCA towed the van to its animal rescue in hopes of locating the snake. Mushu then came out on its own and was returned to Burnett.