White’s Treefrog Run Over By Lawnmower In Australia Slated to be Returned to Wild

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White’s Treefrog Run Over By Lawnmower In Australia Slated to be Returned to Wild

A White's treefrog that was run over last month by a lawnmower is slated to be released back into the wild.

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Do you remember the White’s treefrog (Litoria caerulea) in Australia that was flown two hours to a frog hospital after it got run over by a lawn mower?

Well, that little frog is slated to be released back to the area in which it was first found last month. The frog spent several weeks in intensive care at the Frog Safe Hospital in Cairns, Australia recovering from its wounds, before it was returned to the woman who ran the frog over and helped to arrange for its flight to Cairns for treatment. She currently has the frog in an enclosure to ensure that it is eating, before it will be reacclimated and then released.


White's treefrog run over by lawnmower survives

Frog Safe Hospital

This Australian treefrog was run over by a lawnmower last month and flown two hours to Cairns for treatment.

Frog Safe Hospital founder Deborah Pergolotti, however, has mixed feelings about its release, telling ABC News Australia that she doesn’t likwe to release any of the frngsat come in for care.


"I believe that all the frogs that come into our rescue system should really stay in captivity, but sadly that is not the regulation at the moment,” Pergolotti said. "We are forced to send them back to where they came from, even if we think they will be safer in captivity."

According to Queensland’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, when an animal recovers and is healthy, it must be returned as close to the location in which it was found in its native habitat.