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UK Rubbish Collector Finds Bearded Dragon In Recycling Box

Iggy pop is being cared for until a suitable home is found for him.

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A trash collector found a cold and near freezing bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps) in a recycling bin in Bridgwater, United Kingdom December 16 and brought the reptile to the Secret World Wildlife Rescue for rehabilitation. 

Steve Bisset, a rubbish collector with the Somerset Waste Partnership told the Bridgwater Mercury that he named the lizard Iggy Pop and said it was the strangest thing that he had found in a recycling bin. He said he knocked on the door where the bin was located but the people who answered said that they had nothing to do with the bearded dragon. 


“We are horrified that someone would put an animal out as an item of rubbish with no thought to the suffering the animal may experience,” said Josie Nott, of Secret World.

"We only deal with British wildlife, but will help in emergency situations when we can stabilise an animal and then pass it on to the correct organisation. Please think twice before taking on an exotic pet. They are not just for Christmas and will need years of care, attention and love.

"The RSPCA is now involved and the case is under investigation.
"Anyone with information about this case should call the RSPCA on 0300 123 4999.”

Let's hope that Iggy Pop the bearded dragon will find a nice home in the UK real soon.