Two Monitor Lizards Fight In Middle of Busy Road

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Two Monitor Lizards Fight In Middle of Busy Road

One monitor quits after two minutes but the other gives chase.

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Two monitor lizards, probably Bengal monitor lizards (Varanus bengalensis) were videotaped fighting in the middle of a busy road in what looks to be India or Sri Lanka, and they were both totally oblivious to the cars, trucks, and tricycles that were driving dangerously close to their makeshift boxing ring. 


The footage, uploaded to Youtube January 20, shows the lizards going at it for a solid two minutes before one of the lizards decides to make a break for it. The other lizard, which wasn’t ready to stop the fight, gives chase, and they continue fighting behind a vehicle on the side of the road. 

The footage is just shy of three minutes in length, but it does show the determination that these lizards have, or at least one of the lizards had, in settling a score.  Not sure what set the lizards to face off, but my guess is they were fighting over the right to mate with another lizard, which was probably watching safely on the side of the road. At any rate, watch these guys go at it.