Texas Woman Douses Snake With Gas And Sets It On Fire, Burns Her House Down

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Texas Woman Douses Snake With Gas And Sets It On Fire, Burns Her House Down

Burning snake crawls under brush pile which ignites and spreads to her home.

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Dousing a snake with gasoline and setting it on fire is not the right way to get rid of a snake, but that is what a Texas woman did March 20 in an attempt to rid her yard of the reptile. Instead, she ended up burning her house down when the snake slithered under a brush pile. According to CNN and Kens5.com, the brush pile caught fire and then the house, which was a total loss. Her neighbor's house was also damaged, all because the woman had a fear of snakes. Apparently nobody was injured. Except the snake.

The woman, who obviously was afraid of snakes, should download TX Snakes for iOS, which is a Texas snake identification application that probably had the description of the snake that the woman doused with gasoline. Or better yet, next time she or anyone sees a snake in their yard, they can call their local animal control to remove it.


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Texas is home to more than 75 snake species, of which more than 10 are venomous. It is unknown what type of snake the woman encountered because she lit it on fire. The Dallas Fort Worth Herpetological Society has made available on its website, "An Identification Guide for North Texas Snakes by Michael Smith, which can be downloaded in PDF format here. For those in North Texas, please consult Smith's guide.