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Tables Turned For Woman Who Opposed Connecticut Snake Breeder's Permit

Snake breeder files complaints against woman who filed complaint against him.

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Randy LaPorte became interested in ball pythons after he acquired a single snake for his son. He then got interested in breeding the reptiles and started a snake business from his home in Jewett City, Conn. However, in 2012, an anonymous tipster complained to the city council about an odor emanating from LaPorte's home, which caused the city to issue a cease and desist order to LaPorte because he failed to obtain a permit to conduct business out of his house.

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Well the tables have since turned as LaPorte filed complaints in December 2013 against the alleged tipster and neighbor across the street, Carol Mauro, for operating a bed and breakfast, adding a deck in the back of her dwelling as well as a new roof without proper permits from the city. According to the Norwich Bulletin, Mauro publicly opposed LaPorte's efforts to obtain the proper permit, which the planning commission later granted, to breed and sell snakes out of his house.

After spearheading that event and knowing well that you need a permit to operate a business, six months or a year later she goes and opens up her bed and breakfast and operates with no permit, LaPorte told the paper.

In February, the city issued a cease and desist order to Mauro for illegally operating a bed and breakfast without a permit. Mauro claimed in the story that she was being harassed by LaPorte but it appears that LaPorte has the law on his side this time as the city also ordered Mauro to remove her illegal bed and breakfast advertising off a travel website. Mauro refused to pay the $310 fee to obtain the proper permits, and said she would close down, claiming that the income she earned from the venture (She charged $50-60 a night not including the breakfast) wasn't enough to justify the cost of the permit fee. LaPorte said if she removes her listing from the travel website, he considers the case closed.