Save The Frogs! Distributes More Than $3,000 In Save The Frogs Day Awards

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Save The Frogs! Distributes More Than $3,000 In Save The Frogs Day Awards

Save the Frogs Day is April 27

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Save the Frogs!, a California advocacy group that works to protect frogs and amphibians around the world announced that it has disbursed $3,450 in Save the Frogs Day awards to eight recipients from six countries. The awards will help these individuals to put on a successful Save the Frogs Day 2013 event in their countries, which will be held April 27.

The winners are:
Gilbert Adum (Ghana): $900
Nurul Islam (Bangladesh): $500
Sanjeev Wasti (Nepal): $250
Biraj Srestha (Nepal): $400
Bindu Poudyal (Nepal): $250
Olukotun Debo (Nigeria): $250
Gabriela Gonzalez Araujo (Mexico): $400 courtesy The Body Shop Foundation
Vivek & Krishan Sharma (India): $500


"My team is working to organize events covering large areas of western India to make the day a grand success so that frogs are protected and loved by people. My best wishes for the 5th International Save the Frogs Day all over the world," Vivek Sharma of India told Save the Frogs after receiving notice of the award.

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The 5th Annual Save the Frogs Day is a decentralized event that will take place in Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ghana, India, Israel, Madagascar, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Spain, and the United States. The organization's goal is to host 300 events in 50 countries so more people are informed about the importance of frogs and amphibians in the wild.


For those who wish to conduct an event and need educational materials, you can order a Save the Frogs Day Event Organizer package, of which the organization says 100 percent of the proceeds go to amphibian conservation efforts around the world. For more information, visit