Phoenix Residents May Be Able To Shoot Snakes On Sight If House Bill Becomes Law

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Phoenix Residents May Be Able To Shoot Snakes On Sight If House Bill Becomes Law

If you have the right shot, you may be able to shoot snakes in Phoenix, but why would you want to?

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If you live in the city of Phoenix, AZ and happen upon a snake, you might have the right to shoot it, if a proposed bill in the state house becomes law. According to CBS Phoenix, proposed House Bill 2021, residents of the city may be able to shoot snakes as well as rodents provided they are using the proper ammunition to do so. 

Bull snake



The bill is sponsored by Rep. Jay Lawrence, R-District 23. The house will hear tomorrow if the bill should go forward. 

“The bill is so far off on so many different facets from a legal standpoint to an animal standpoint,” said Russ Johnson of the Phoenix Herpetological Society. “Do we really want people shooting guns in the city limits next to houses?” 


 “You’re talking about shooting rats. So you’re shooting on your rooftop, so you got bird shot spraying everywhere. OK, if you’re shooting a snake, you’re pointing down. You’re gonna get a ricochet even though it’s pellet.”

Arizona is home to 39 different species of snakes, including various species of king snakes and rattlesnakes. 

So if you live in Phoenix and are opposed to the proposed bill, contact Rep. Lawrence at, (602) 926-3095.