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Kingsnakes species profile.

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Kingsnakes (genus Lampropeltis) are found in the United States, Canada, Mexico, into Central America and South America. Kingsnakes on average, are approximately 3 feet in length, although certain members of the group can reach over 6 feet in length. Many kingsnakes are "coral snake mimics" with vibrant reds, blacks and white/yellows arranged in an attractive ringed pattern. Others are banded with white and black, have a beautiful spotted pattern or may be uniform glossy black.

Cages should be roomy and escape-proof, with several hiding areas. Substrates that work well include pine shavings, newsprint, indoor/outdoor carpeting or paper toweling. These animals do best with ventral heating–provide a heater on the bottom of one side of the cage setting up a temperature range from which the animal can select its preferred body temperature.


These snakes can be maintained on adult mice.

Photo: Dick Bartlett