Interim Ban Placed On Importation And Interstate Transport Of 201 Salamander Species

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Interim Ban Placed On Importation And Interstate Transport Of 201 Salamander Species

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has instituted an interim ban on the importation of 201 salamanders for the pet trade. The restriction is

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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has instituted an interim ban on the importation of 201 salamanders for the pet trade. The restriction is in response to the fungal disease Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal), which is affecting salamanders in other parts of the world. This disease, according to the Center for Biological Diversity, has devastated wild fire salamander populations in the Netherlands and Belgium, and the USFWS is trying to prevent the spread of the disease into the wild populations of salamanders in the United States. One-third of the 655 known species of salamander are found in North America.

Eastern newt


gary powell/Shutterstock

Eastern newt (Notophthalmus viridescens).

Bsal has spread to Germany and three species of European salamanders imported into the United Kingdom were discovered to be infected with the fungus. The fungus has not yet been detected in any salamander species in they Untied States. The interim rule takes effect January 28, 2016. Those who currently own any of the salamanders on the list will be allowed to keep them, as the rule only restricts the interstate transportation of these species. A 60-day comment period has commenced and anyone can submit public comments by going to and entering the docket number FWS-HQ-FAC-2015-0005.

The following species are restricted. You cannot import them into the United States or transport them across state lines. 

(1) Chioglossa lusitanica (golden striped salamander).
(2) Cynops chenggongensis (Chenggong fire-bellied newt).
(3) Cynops cyanurus (blue-tailed firebellied newt).
(4) Cynops ensicauda (sword-tailed newt).
(5) Cynops fudingensis (Fuding firebellied newt).
(6) Cynops glaucus (bluish grey newt, Huilan Rongyuan).
(7) Cynops orientalis (Oriental fire belly newt, Oriental fire-bellied newt).
(8) Cynops orphicus (no common name).
(9) Cynops pyrrhogaster (Japanese newt, Japanese fire-bellied newt).
(10) Cynops wolterstorffi (Kunming Lake newt).
(11) Euproctus montanus (Corsican brook salamander).
(12) Euproctus platycephalus (Sardinian brook salamander).
(13) Hydromantes ambrosii (Ambrosi salamander).
(14) Hydromantes brunus (limestone salamander).
(15) Hydromantes flavus (Mount Albo cave salamander).
(16) Hydromantes genei (Sardinian cave salamander).
(17) Hydromantes imperialis (imperial cave salamander).
(18) Hydromantes italicus (Italian cave salamander).
(19) Hydromantes platycephalus (Mount Lyell salamander).
(20) Hydromantes sarrabusensis (no common name).
(21) Hydromantes shastae (Shasta salamander).
(22) Hydromantes strinatii or Speleomantes strinatii (French cave salamander, Strinati’s cave salamander).
(23) Hydromantes supramontis (Supramonte cave salamander).
(24) Hynobius abei (Abe’s salamander).
(25) Hynobius amakusaensis (Amakusa-sanshouo).
(26) Hynobius amjiensis (Anji salamander).
(27) Hynobius arisanensis (Arisan hynobid).
(28) Hynobius boulengeri (Odaigahara salamander).
(29) Hynobius chinensis (Chinese salamander).
(30) Hynobius dunni (Oita salamander).
(31) Hynobius formosanus (Taiwan salamander).
(32) Hynobius fucus or Hynobius fuca (Taiwan lesser salamander).
(33) Hynobius glacialis (Nanhu salamander).
(34) Hynobius guabangshanensis (no
common name).
(35) Hynobius hidamontanus (Hakuba
(36) Hynobius hirosei (no common
(37) Hynobius katoi (Akaishi sanshouo).


(38) Hynobius kimurae (Hida
(39) Hynobius leechii (northeastern
China hynobiid salamander).
(40) Hynobius lichenatus (northeast
(41) Hynobius maoershanensis (no
common name).
(42) Hynobius naevius (blotched
(43) Hynobius nebulosus (misty
(44) Hynobius nigrescens (black
(45) Hynobius okiensis (Oki
(46) Hynobius osumiensis (Osumisanshouo).

(47) Hynobius quelpaertensis (no
common name).
(48) Hynobius retardatus (Hokkaido
(49) Hynobius shinichisatoi (Sobosanshouo).

(50) Hynobius sonani (Sonan’s
(51) Hynobius stejnegeri (Bekko
(52) Hynobius takedai (Hokuriku
(53) Hynobius tokyoensis (Tokyo
(54) Hynobius tsuensis (Tsushima
(55) Hynobius turkestanicus
(Turkestanian salamander).
(56) Hynobius yangi (no common
(57) Hynobius yatsui (no common
(58) Hynobius yiwuensis (Yiwu
(59) Ichthyosaura alpestris (alpine
(60) Lissotriton boscai (Bosca’s newt).
(61) Lissotriton helveticus (palmate
(62) Lissotriton italicus (Italian newt).
(63) Lissotriton kosswigi (Triton
pontue de Kosswig).
(64) Lissotriton lantzi (no common
(65) Lissotriton montandoni
(Carpathian newt).
(66) Lissotriton vulgaris (smooth
(67) Neurergus crocatus (no common
(68) Neurergus derjugini or Neurergus
microspilotus (Kurdistan newt).
(69) Neurergus kaiseri (Lorestan newt,
Luristan newt, emperor spotted newt,
Zagros newt, Iranian harlequin newt,
kaiser newt).
(70) Neurergus strauchii (no common
(71) Notophthalmus meridionalis
(black-spotted newt).
(72) Notophthalmus perstriatus
(striped newt).
(73) Notophthalmus viridescens
(eastern newt).
(74) Onychodactylus fischeri (longtailed
clawed salamander).
(75) Onychodactylus fuscus (Tadami
clawed salamander).
(76) Onychodactylus intermedius
(Bandai clawed salamander).
(77) Onychodactylus japonicus
(Japanese clawed salamander).
(78) Onychodactylus kinneburi
(Shikoku clawed salamander).
(79) Onychodactylus koreanus (KoraiSansyouo).

(80) Onychodactylus nipponoborealis
(Riben Bei Zhaoni).
(81) Onychodactylus tsukubaensis
(Tsukuba clawed salamander).
(82) Onychodactylus zhangyapingi
(Jilin Zhaoni).
(83) Onychodactylus zhaoermii
(84) Paramesotriton caudopunctatus
(spot-tailed warty newt).
(85) Paramesotriton chinensis
(Chinese warty newt).
(86) Paramesotriton deloustali (no
common name).
(87) Paramesotriton fuzhongensis (no
common name).
(88) Paramesotriton guanxiensis
(Guangxi warty newt).
(89) Paramesotriton hongkongensis
(no common name).
(90) Paramesotriton labiatus (spotless
stout newt).
(91) Paramesotriton longliensis (no
common name).
(92) Paramesotriton maolanensis (no
common name).
(93) Paramesotriton qixilingensis (no
common name).
(94) Paramesotriton wulingensis (no
common name).
(95) Paramesotriton yunwuensis (no
common name).
(96) Paramesotriton zhijinensis (no
common name).
(97) Plethodon ainsworthi (Catahoula
salamander, bay springs salamander).
(98) Plethodon albagula (western
slimy salamander).
(99) Plethodon amplus (Blue Ridge
gray-cheeked salamander).
(100) Plethodon angusticlavius (Ozark
salamander, Ozark zigzag salamander).
(101) Plethodon asupak (Scott Bar
(102) Plethodon aureolus (Tellico
(103) Plethodon caddoensis (Caddo
Mountain salamander).
(104) Plethodon chattahoochee
(Chattahoochee slimy salamander).
(105) Plethodon cheoah (Cheoah bald
(106) Plethodon chlorobryonis
(Atlantic Coast slimy salamander).
(107) Plethodon cinereus (eastern redbacked
salamander, redback
salamander, salamandre raye´e, redbacked
(108) Plethodon cylindraceus (whitespotted
slimy salamander).
(109) Plethodon dorsalis (zigzag
salamander, northern zigzag
VerDate Sep<11>2014 15:56 Jan 12, 2016 Jkt 238001 PO 00000 Frm 00075 Fmt 4700 Sfmt 4700 E:FRFM13JAR1.SGM 13JAR1
asabaliauskas on DSK5VPTVN1PROD with RULES
1556 Federal Register / Vol. 81, No. 8 / Wednesday, January 13, 2016 / Rules and Regulations
(110) Plethodon dunni (Dunn’s
(111) Plethodon electromorphus
(northern ravine salamander).
(112) Plethodon elongatus (Del Norte
(113) Plethodon fourchensis (Fourche
Mountain salamander).
(114) Plethodon glutinosus (slimy
salamander, northern slimy
(115) Plethodon grobmani
(southeastern slimy salamander).
(116) Plethodon hoffmani (valley and
ridge salamander).
(117) Plethodon hubrichti (Peaks of
Otter salamander).
(118) Plethodon idahoensis (Coeur
d’Alene salamander).
(119) Plethodon jordani (Appalachian
salamander, red-cheeked salamander,
Jordan’s salamander).
(120) Plethodon kentucki (Kentucky
salamander, Cumberland Plateau
(121) Plethodon kiamichi (Kiamichi
slimy salamander).
(122) Plethodon kisatchie (Louisiana
slimy salamander).
(123) Plethodon larselli (Larch
Mountain salamander).
(124) Plethodon meridianus (South
Mountain gray-cheeked salamander,
southern gray-cheeked salamander).
(125) Plethodon metcalfi (southern
gray-cheeked salamander).
(126) Plethodon mississippi
(Mississippi slimy salamander).
(127) Plethodon montanus (northern
gray-cheeked salamander).
(128) Plethodon neomexicanus (Jemez
Mountains salamander).
(129) Plethodon nettingi (Cheat
Mountain salamander).
(130) Plethodon ocmulgee (Ocmulgee
slimy salamander).
(131) Plethodon ouachitae (Rich
Mountain salamander).
(132) Plethodon petraeus (Pigeon
Mountain salamander).
(133) Plethodon punctatus (whitespotted
salamander, cow knob
(134) Plethodon richmondi (southern
ravine salamander, ravine salamander).
(135) Plethodon savannah (Savannah
slimy salamander).
(136) Plethodon sequoyah (Sequoyah
slimy salamander).
(137) Plethodon serratus (southern
red-backed salamander).
(138) Plethodon shenandoah
(Shenandoah salamander).
(139) Plethodon sherando (Big Levels
(140) Plethodon shermani (red-legged
(141) Plethodon stormi (Siskiyou
Mountains salamander).
(142) Plethodon teyahalee (Southern
Appalachian salamander).
(143) Plethodon vandykei (Van Dyke’s
(144) Plethodon variolatus (South
Carolina slimy salamander).
(145) Plethodon vehiculum (western
red-backed salamander).
(146) Plethodon ventralis (southern
zigzag salamander).
(147) Plethodon virginia (Shenandoah
Mountain salamander).
(148) Plethodon websteri (Webster’s
(149) Plethodon wehrlei (Wehrle’s
(150) Plethodon welleri (Weller’s
(151) Plethodon yonahlossee
(Yonahlossee salamander).
(152) Pleurodeles nebulosus (no
common name).
(153) Pleurodeles poireti (Algerian
(154) Pleurodeles waltl (Spanish
(155) Salamandra algira (Algerian
(156) Salamandra atra (alpine
(157) Salamandra corsica (Corsican
fire salamander).
(158) Salamandra infraimmaculata
(no common name).
(159) Salamandra lanzai (Lanza’s
alpine salamander, Salamandra di
(160) Salamandra salamandra (fire
(161) Salamandrella keyserlingii
(Siberian newt).
(162) Salamandrella tridactyla (no
common name).
(163) Salamandrina perspicillata
(northern spectacled salamander).
(164) Salamandrina terdigitata
(southern spectacled salamander).
(165) Siren intermedia (lesser siren).
(166) Siren lacertina (greater siren).
(167) Taricha granulosa (roughskinned
(168) Taricha rivularis (red-bellied
(169) Taricha sierrae (Sierra newt).
(170) Taricha torosa (California newt).
(171) Triturus carnifex (Italian crested
(172) Triturus cristatus (great crested
(173) Triturus dobrogicus (Danube
crested newt).
(174) Triturus hongkongensis (no
common name)
(175) Triturus ivanbureschi (BalkanAnatolian
crested newt, Buresch’s
crested newt).
(176) Triturus karelinii (Southern
crested newt).
(177) Triturus macedonicus (no
common name).
(178) Triturus marmoratus (marbled
(179) Triturus pygmaeus (pygmy
marbled newt).
(180) Triturus vittatus (no common
(181) Tylototriton anguliceps
(angular-headed newt).
(182) Tylototriton asperrimus (black
knobby newt).
(183) Tylototriton broadoridgus (no
common name).
(184) Tylototriton dabienicus (no
common name).
(185) Tylototriton daweishanensis (no
common name).
(186) Tylototriton hainanensis
(Hainan knobby newt).
(187) Tylototriton kweichowensis
(red-tailed knobby newt).
(188) Tylototriton liuyangensis (no
common name).
(189) Tylototriton lizhenchangi (Mangshan crocodile newt).
(190) Tylototriton notialis (no common name).
(191) Tylototriton panhai (no common name).
(192) Tylototriton pseudoverrucosus (southern Sichuan crocodile newt).
(193) Tylototriton shanjing (Yunnan newt).
(194) Tylototriton shanorum (no common name).
(195) Tylototriton taliangensis (Thailand newt).
(196) Tylototriton uyenoi (no common name).
(197) Tylototriton verrucosus (Himalayan newt).
(198) Tylototriton vietnamensis (no common name).
(199) Tylototriton wenxianensis (Wenxian knobby newt).
(200) Tylototriton yangi (Tiannan crocodile newt).
(201) Tylototriton ziegleri (Ziegler’s crocodile newt).