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Herp Snake Road In Illinois’ Shawnee National Forest As The Roads Will Close To Vehicles Sept. 1

Snake Road closes to vehicles to allow reptiles and amphibians safely cross to their winter brumation grounds.

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If you are planning to go herping in the Shawnee National Forest in Illinois this weekend, be apprised that LaRue Road and Forest Service Road No. 345 also known as “Snake Road” will be closed to vehicle traffic starting September 1 to allow snakes and amphibians, some that are listed as threatened and endangered in the state and the country, to safely cross the road to their winter habitats.


The road will close September 1 between mile post 3.0 and mile post 5.8. until October 30, according to The Southern

The road is open to hikers and would be a great time to visit and observe the various reptiles and amphibians that will make the migration from their summer habitats to their winter habitats.

The state is home to 35 snake species, including water moccasins, southern copperhead, blue racer, northern scarlet snake, northern and prairie ring necked snake, and southern black racers, just to name a few. 

For more information on Snake Road and the migration, visit the Shawnee National Park website