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Florida Cobra Owner May Get His License To Keep Venomous Reptiles Revoked

Airplane Repo star may loses his venomous reptiles after his king cobra escaped its enclosure.

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The owner of the king cobra that went missing in September in Florida is appealing the potential revocation of his license to keep venomous reptiles. According to news reports, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission filed paperwork to revoke Mike Kennedy’s license to keep venomous reptiles. The revocation process is lengthy and until the process is complete, as well as the appeals process, Kennedy will retain ownership of his animals. 

According to paperwork filed with the state, Kennedy keeps three cobras, a diamondback rattlesnake, a Florida cottonmouth, and a Gaboon viper. He is currently in possession of all of the snakes, but if the FWC succeeds in revoking the reality star’s license, he would lose all of his venomous snakes. 


Kennedy apparently lost his sanctuary status, and must either exhibit his animals to the public or sell them. Three misdemeanor charges, including failure to report the snake missing immediately and housing the reptile in an inadequate enclosure, were filed against the star of Discovery Channel’s Airplane Repo reality show by the Florida Office of the State Attorney. Those charges are expected to resolved during a court date November 30, 2015.