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California Woman Finds Frog in Her Salad And Keeps it as a Pet

The woman was almost done with her salad when she saw the frog move on her plate.

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A California woman was shocked when she found a frog in the salad that she was eating, and rather than turn the amphibian away, she decided to keep it as a pet.

Becky Garfinkel of Corona, California had just finished eating nearly half the salad when she saw the little frog move about in her salad plate.


"As I'm pulling to go stab another bite, I see a frog sitting in my salad plate after I've eaten almost the entire salad. Completely freaked out – screamed,” Garfinkel told KABC News. “I threw up afterward because I was traumatized. I'm a vegetarian and I couldn't believe there was a frog in there," she said.

Garfinkel then pulled the frog out of the salad and washed off the salad dressing, but the frog stopped moving.

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"(My husband) noticed that he was kind of not moving a lot and he rolled over. So he decides, let's do some chest compressions. With his finger – I'm not kidding you – barely pushes on the little frog and he breathes and turns around. I'm like OK. We have to keep him," she said.

Garfinkel had an enclosure where a pet lizard once lived and she fixed it up for her new found and free pet frog.

She notified Target of her find and they in turn gave her a $5 gift card. Target contacted the salad supplier, Taylor Farms, about the incident with its organic salad.

It is not very often that someone buys a salad and gets a free frog as part of the package, but this little guy got lucky. And Garfinkel scored a new pet!