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Article Ideas For REPTILES? Let Us Know What You Want

REPTILES relies on its readers for ideas, so chime in!

In Search Of The Giant Ethiopian Leopard Tortoise: Would The Tales Of A Race Of Larger-Than-Normal Leopard Tortoises Be True?
January 2013 REPTILES Editor's Note
How The Sandfish Lizard Has Helped To Build A Machine

Article ideas for REPTILES? Let us Know what you want

Article ideas for REPTILES come from many sources. Obviously, we always want to present articles with the best care tips for the animals our readers keep, and the most popular reptiles and amphibians—the ones you can easily find in pet stores and at reptile expos—are always high on our to-do list. Of course, we'll also feature articles about other interesting species that have not hit the market in a big way.


Articles may also come about if I meet a breeder who is interested in writing for the magazine. I met Matt Thomas, who wrote this issue's rainbow boa article, at last year's North American Reptile Breeders Conference in Anaheim. I hope you enjoy it, and who knows, perhaps some of you may even be moved to try keeping a rainbow boa after reading it. Rainbow boas, after all, are one of the most beautiful snakes for the right keeper.

There are other resources, but there is one Web page that I can always rely on to provide excellent article ideas. The page found at ReptileChannel.com/PlanREPTILES invites all herpers to submit their article suggestions. It is the first resource we use when creating the editorial lineup for every year of REPTILES, and it is there so our readers have a voice in what they will see in these pages.

REPTILES relies on its readers for ideas, so chime in!