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February 2011 Editor’s Note

This issue will definitely have you seeing red!

October 2008 Editor's Note
NARBC Anaheim Auction
Breeder's Choice: Lavender Stripe Corn Snake

Red tegus feature prominently this month, and I will admit to feeling a certain affinity for these lizards. I’ve only kept one tegu — a black and white — but whenever I see tegus, I think I might need to get another one some day. I enjoyed my black and white, but if I go down the tegu road again, a red tegu will probably be the route I take. Those big, jowly heads and bulky bodies are so impressive. If you think you would like to give red tegus a try, or if you already have one but would like to review some care tips, breeder Bobby Hill provides hints for raising healthy red tegus in “Boost Your Tegu IQ.”

Are you ready to add some new enclosures to your reptile room? Then be sure to review our annual caging buyer’s guide. There’s something for all types of herps, from nano-terrariums that would be great for dart frogs to larger, green-iguana-ready enclosures. There’s no excuse not to house your herps in style!


We’ve also got “Bullsnake Bonanza” (check out that beautiful morph centerfold) and breeding tips for hourglass treefrogs. And if you’ve ever been curious about orange-eyed crocodile skinks, then you definitely need to check out “Herpers’ Most Wanted.” There’s something for everybody in here!

You’ll also find care tips for ornate box turtles. Remember to always buy captive-bred boxes!