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More Than 300 Reptile Lovers Attend The Reptile Zoo Masquerade At Prehistoric Pets In Fountain Valley, CA.

Some came in costumes while others came to check out the new exhibits, but the stars of the masquerades were definitely cold-blooded.

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Prehistoric Pets and the Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley, CA hosted its Reptile Zoo Masquerade and Halloween Ball Oct. 30 at the store's just newly expanded reptile digs. The store held the Halloween fundraiser and costume contest as well as a raffle and auction to benefit Reptile Rescue Orange County, Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary, and The Reptile Zoo.

While a lot of folks donned their Halloween costumes, the stars of the ball were a trio of American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) and their new exhibit, the new caiman lizard (Dracaena guianesis) exhibit, Alligator snapping turtle (Macrochelys temminckii) exhibit, and a Bengal tiger cub that was rescued just a week ago. The zoo has been working on the new alligator exhibit for weeks and just finished adding the water the night before the event. The as yet unnamed 4 1/2 foot alligator was introduced into the new enclosure during the ball. The other two, Gomer and Pyle, are much smaller in size.  "We have them for educational purposes, not for pets," Jay Brewer, owner of Prehistoric Pets said about the American alligators. "They are kind of cool, but they're high maintenance, they make a lot of mess, and they eat a lot of food."


The new caiman lizard exhibit houses 20 lizards and is built with ledges for the lizards to lounge on and includes a deep water pool for the lizards to swim. The alligator snapping turtle exhibit houses two turtles and a 20 foot python. British herper Jules Sylvester was also on hand, showcasing a pair of diamondback rattlesnakes as well as a sidewinder. There has been a lot going on at The Reptile Zoo and Prehistoric Pets, including an expansion into an adjacent storefront. For more information, visit www.prehistoricpets.com.

Check the slideshow below for some interesting footage of the event.