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August 2011 Editor’s Note

Submit a Video and Stand Up For Snakes!

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Satellite Interview With Nigel Marven
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Last month, we announced the new Stand Up for Snakes video contest currently underway at ReptileChannel. To enter, we’re asking people to create short “pro-snake” videos. Videos can demonstrate contestants’ fondness for snakes, they can educate the public about why snakes need not be feared unnecessarily — funny or serious, all pro-snake videos are welcome.

The contest originated several months ago, when Brian Barczyk of BHB Enterprises approached REPTILES about partnering up for a video contest. Brian had already lined up some other sponsors, including Zoo Med, Rodent Pro and Freedom Breeder, to provide great prizes to the contest winners.


At that point the focus of the contest was undecided, and eventually it occurred to me that snakes could use a hand in the PR department, so why not focus the contest on them? It seemed a natural, seeing that Brian was involved, and the sponsors could all provide snake-relevant prizes. And thus, the Stand Up For Snakes video contest was born!