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Here’s To A New Year And New Reptile Adventures!

By the time you read this, it’s already 2012

Green Tree Python Enclosure
April 2011 Editor's Note
Herper Headshotz – Rachel Botterman

I’m writing this issue’s editorial on the second-to-last day of 2011 — December 30 — so naturally my thoughts turn to wondering what the world holds in store for the reptile industry in 2012. Not to mention what the world holds in store for REPTILES magazine!

Of course, I know a few things that are in store for the magazine, at least in regard to articles that will be appearing in it. Suffice it to say that I don’t think REPTILES readers will be disappointed. At least I hope they won’t! As we strive to do every year, the 2012 REPTILES article lineup will offer something to interest every reader. Whether you enjoy reading about snakes, frogs, lizards or turtles, or non-animal-specific articles, such as field herping adventures, you’ll be able to find articles to grab your attention. And that goes for whether you’re new to the world of reptilekeeping or an old salt.


As for what’s in store for the reptile industry, one can only hope that it continues unabated despite the efforts of a select few who want to stop it. Restrictive bills that could affect reptile ownership are still out there, and they will continue to bear watching and scrutiny.

By the time you read this, it’s already 2012. So here’s a sincere wish that this year is a good one for reptile fanatics everywhere!