University Of Pennsylvania Conducting Pain Research On Pet Lizards


University Of Pennsylvania Conducting Pain Research On Pet Lizards

If your lizard has orthopedic disease, injury or bone-related illnesses, you may qualify for a free study.

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Does your lizard have orthopedic disease, orthopedic injury or other bone related illnesses? Do you live near the University of Pennsylvania? If you answered yes, the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Clinical Investigations Center wants to study your pet lizard. The center will perform a physical exam by a board certified reptile veterinarian and will perform blood work and x-rays to diagnose the injury. You will have to observe your lizard for 30 minutes each day and visit the center three times over a 30 day period. You will also be provided a questionnaire regarding the behavior of your lizard as well as its activity and any noticeable pain.

The researchers hope to gather information on pain and discomfort in lizards. It will form the basis of creating a tool that pet owners and veterinarians can use to improve clinical pain management in lizards. While the diagnosis is free, any costs associated with treatment of your pet lizard are not covered by the study. For more information about participating in the study, visit or call 215-573-0302.


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