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Tortoise Who Almost Died After He Was Hit By Car Doing Much Better

Spike was ran over by a car in June 2016. He has since healed and can walk more than three hours a day.

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A sulcata tortoise (Geochelone [Centrochelys] sulcata) who almost died after he was hit by a car in the parking lot of a homeless shelter, is doing much better, more than a year after his shell was cracked in the accident.


Spike continues to improve after his accident, according to Wave 3 News. He is eating well and goes on longer walks during good weather.

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"The crack itself – ya know some of the shell was missing. And it was repaired as best as possible but it will not grow back together like bones usually grow back together," Nina Moseley, who brought Spike to live at the mission when he got too big for her home, told Wave 3 News. "So as he continues to grow, and that shell will continue to crack open a little, we'll have to keep having it repaired." 

Spike, who has lived at the Wayside Christian Mission in Louisville, KY for more than seven years, was accidentally ran over June 20, 2016, while walking with his caretaker in the parking lot of the homeless shelter. He was unknowingly run over by a Wayside volunteer. The accident caused his shell to crack in two places and it took two police officers and a jack to free the reptile from under the car.

His handler, William Duncan, told the Courier Journal in a video that Spike’s bones have healed and he can walk three hours or more a day. Go Spike go!