Tips For Creating Your Lost Reptile Flyer

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Tips For Creating Your Lost Reptile Flyer

How to create and distribute a "lost" flyer when your herp escapes.

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You've searched all over the house, placed flour on the hard floors to see if it has scampered from room to room, and laid traps, hides with heat tape underneath, and even the food in the soda bottle trick. To no avail, your herp is still lost. When preparing a "Lost" flyer, use these tips to help find your missing reptile.

1. Reptile Species

Give a brief description of your animal such as what species it is and the color. If you lost a large snake, say so. If you lost your big green iguana, mention that right away. Keep this text simple and to the point. Details can come later.


Lost reptile flyer

Photo by Gina Cioli/BowTie Studio.

If you have a picture of your reptile, use it in your "Lost" flyer.


2. Date and Location

List the date and location where your reptile was last seen.


3. Description

This is where you can describe your reptile in more detail. You can include the species and color of the reptile as well as the size and any other identifying features, such as scars or missing tails, limbs, etc. For example, include the length of the reptile if a snake, how big the shell is if a turtle, coloration if a lizard, and any other characteristics of the lost animal.

4. Contact Information

Include your first name and telephone number as well as an email address if you use one. There is absolutely no need for a physical address or last name.

5. Reward

If you offer a reward for the safe return of your reptile, there is no need to mention how much the reward is.

 6. Photo

Include a recent photo of your reptile on the flyer if possible. Hopefully you have taken a photo of your reptile. If not, you will need to find one. Wikipedia often has photos with descriptions. Many of these photos are free to use, just check the usage rights and find one that can be reproduced for your purposes.  If you have a morph, you might want to mention something to the effect that "my animal looks like this, only it is orange in color."


7. Final Touches

Once you have printed your Lost Reptile Flyer, you can post it up in the area in which you think your reptile was lost. It is a good idea to post around a square block depending on how fast your reptile can travel.

In many planned communities, there may be restrictions on the posting of flyers. If you live in such an area, contact the property management or homeowner's association for guidelines. Assure them the flyers will be taken down when your reptile is found or within a reasonable amount of time.
Now that you've created your flyer, get them posted and don't give up on finding your herp!