Herpkeeping Dos And Don'ts


Herpkeeping Dos And Don'ts

There are basic rules to herpkeeping that all hobbyists should follow.

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Herpkeeping Do's


– Do research any animal you’re thinking about buying, to be sure you can care for it properly.
– Do have the enclosure set up before bringing a new herp home.
– Do quarantine new specimens before adding them to an enclosure containing other animals.
– Do set up a temperature gradient for reptiles, so they can thermoregulate.
– Do provide hiding places for your herps; this makes them feel secure.



– Do pay attention to the cleanliness of your reptile enclosures, especially aquatic turtle tanks.
– Do try to find a reptile-knowledgeable veterinarian in your area.
– Do know how big an animal will be when full grown, especially if you’re thinking about buying a baby.
– Do provide UVB lighting for reptiles that are active in the daytime.
– Do consider joining a herp club or attending a herp expo. They’re fun!
– Do be sure your herp enclosures are escape-proof.

herping dos



Herpkeeping Don'ts


– Don’t buy a reptile (or any animal) on impulse.
– Don’t try to scare people with your reptiles, especially if you own snakes. Act responsibly.
-Don’t handle all herps too often; many, such as day geckos, are better as display animals than pets that you should handle.
– Don’t keep animals that require different habitat types in the same enclosure.
– Don’t keep animals illegally.
– Don’t neglect your pets. Give them the attention they deserve by performing routine maintenance chores, such as cleaning their enclosures, feeding the proper foods, etc.

Don't scare people with your reptile

Don't scare people with your reptile

– Don’t overfeed your animals. This can be unhealthy for them.
– Don’t release pets into the wild.
– Don’t keep more herps than you can reasonably care for. Avoid “collector-itis” if keeping many reptiles will mean they are neglected.
– Don’t purchase sick animals thinking you will take them home and make them well. Start out with healthy animals.
– Don’t handle reptiles, especially snakes, too soon after they have fed.

don't overfeed your reptiles

don't overfeed your reptiles