Snake Wranglers In Thailand Get A Surprise After Capturing Reticulated Python

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Snake Wranglers In Thailand Get A Surprise After Capturing Reticulated Python

After, the snake was captured, it proceeded to regurgitate its meal, a very large monitor lizard.

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Snake wranglers in Thailand got a call to remove a snake from a woman’s backyard, and in basically ripping up the concrete, they discovered a very large reticulated python (Python reticulatus), as shown in a YouTube video uploaded by Viral Press. After destroying the woman’s patio, the five snake wranglers were able to extricate the reptile and placed it into the back of a pickup truck. It took them about an hour to capture the snake.

What happened next was a surprise to them. The snake, alone in the back of the pickup truck, regurgitated a very large monitor lizard.




“Rescuers had to smash the concrete and use pliers to cut the metal,” Khun Manop Chanarit, who recorded the video, was quoted in The Sun. “The snake was very aggressive. We knew it had eaten something but didn’t know what. Everyone was surprised. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was filming it. The monitor lizard was bigger than a metre. The snake was about five metres long.

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The snake was later released in a forest.

Right after snakes feed, they are fairly defenseless and slow, so in an effort to better escape a dangerous situation, they tend to regurgitate the prey item that they ate. In this case it was monitor lizard.