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Snake Handling Pastor Cody Coots Survives Rattlesnake Bite

Coots is the son of Snake Salvation Star Jamie Coots, who died from a rattlesnake bite.

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I never understood venomous snake handling preachers. Are they chancing fate every time they carry a rattlesnake? They are definitely playing with venom fire, but I respect their right to practice their religion.




Cody Coots, the son of Nat Geo's Snake Salvation star Jamie Coots who died in February  from a rattlesnake bite was himself bit by a six foot rattlesnake and is recovering at his home in Middlesboro, KY. Coots, 21, like his father also refused medical treatment even though an ambulance was called.

"I told the Lord that I wouldn't go to the hospital," Coots told the Lexington-Herald Leader.

Since his father died of a rattlesnake bite in February, Coots has been the lead pastor at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name church, which is in Middlesboro, KY, a state where Pentecostal church preachers handle venomous snakes as part of their service, usually in private homes where they don't need a permit for the practice. 


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Coots was apparently cleaning out the snake cages, had successfully put two rattlesnakes into a carrying case with a snake hook and was going for a third when one rattlesnake crawled through the door of the enclosure and bit him on the right index finger.

Coots is no stranger to venomous snake bites, according to the article. He has previously been bit by five cottonmouth snakes. This was the first time he got bit by a rattlesnake.


Would you risk getting bit by a venomous snake in the name of the religion you follow? I sure as heck wouldn't. But I respect the rights of these preachers  to practice whatever religion they please. That is what the United States was founded on.