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260 Pound Woman Crushes Crocodile In Freak Circus Bus Mishap

The woman fell on the croc, sending it to the veterinarian for observation.

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Official Russian government news agency RIA Novosti is reporting that a 260 pound woman crushed a crocodile in a circus bus mishap, sending the reptile to the veterinarian. According to news reports, the woman, an accountant for the circus, was traveling inside a circus bus with the crocodile when the bus made a sharp turn in the road after hitting a pothole. The woman, who was not wearing a seat belt, fell into the crocodile's holding area, crushing Fyodor, the seven foot circus performer.

Video of a circus stunt gone awry in Thailand


According to reports, the crocodile started to vomit over the course of the next three hours and was taken to a veterinarian to get checked out. Fyodor didn't suffer any serious injuries and made a full recovery, according to the leader of the circus group, Rocketnews reports. The woman suffered just a few scrapes and bruises and was not seriously hurt.

HuffPost UK is reporting that the woman got off with a warning and reprimand. The Komsomolskaya Pravda paper reported that she was “advised to lose weight and observe safety precautions.”

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