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Scientists In India Discover Earthworm-like Amphibian

Caecilian lives entirely under the earth.

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A legless underground dwelling amphibian was discovered in Northeast India by scientists who say the earthworm-like amphibian may be related to similar vertebrates in Africa that branched off tens of millions of years ago, according to a report on CNN.com. The scientists discovered five species over the last five years in more than 250 locations in the country. 

Dr. S.D. Biju, an environmental scientist at the University of Delhi, and lead researcher, says the amphibians, called Caecilians, live completely underneath the soil–from birth to foraging until death. He said the amphibian, from the family Chikilidae, eats earthworms, but has not yet confirmed it. The discovery, Biju says should emphasize amphibian conservation efforts in the country.