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Reptiles Magazine 0606

Check out what’s inside the June 2006 issue of Reptiles magazine.

Herper Headshotz – Gary Bagnall
Endangered Eastern Indigo Snake Found On Florida’s Captiva Island
Annual Pet Poetry Contest


This Month:
May 2006



Bug-Eyed Beauties
The Trans-Pecos rat snake, a Southwestern beauty, is easy to keep and breed. Plus, this snake displays a wide variety of morphs, with new ones still being discovered.


By Michael S. Price


The Perfect Vivarium Frogs
Second to none for color, bold patterns and tremendous diversity, hyperoliid frogs offer beauty and variety for your vivarium. Learn how you can keep and breed a pair or trio.

By Rex Lee Searcey


Species Profile: Tokay Gecko
Hardy and brightly colored, tokays are a favorite of gecko enthusiasts. Tokays are also known to have a ready bite, but captive tokays tame down with careful handling.
By Julie Bergman


Awesome Amphibians Photo Contest Winners
From game-playing newts to personable tomato frogs, check out the winners and some runners-up from our most recent photo contest.



Boyz N the Hoodz
Looking for herps in the wild? Check under the hood! Uncle Will introduces his nephews to the wonderful world of snake hunting, with the help of some car hoods.
By Bill Love



Drosophila on the Fly
Many hobbyists are scared off from raising fruit flies because of one or two unsuccessful attempts. Don’t be intimidated. There’s a cheap and easy way to raise fruit flies for your herps.

By Adam G. Stern








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