Reptile Industry Vs. Legislation Summit

This weekend’s summit could affect the future of the reptile hobby.

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As you’re reading this, ReptileChannel associate web editor Ben Weiner is winging his way to Chicago to attend the NARBC reptile show that was put together to benefit PIJAC and USARK, in order to help both organizations in their efforts to combat legislative efforts that unreasonably restrict reptilekeeping in the United States. We all know about S. 373 – at least I assume you know, and if you don’t, look at my past blogs and Andrew Wyatt’s “The Reptile Nation” blog – and this show has been put together in large part because of that bill.

REPTILES Sales Manager Sandy Quinn will be at the PIJAC and USARK Tinley Park Summit and Show along with Ben. On Friday evening a meeting will be held during which the reptile industry will be represented by an assortment of key people working together to identify a united course of action when the industry is faced with continuing legislative efforts. Ben and Sandy will both be attending this show, and I have already informed Ben that I would like him to write a guest blog about the meeting next week.


Sometimes it seems like the restrictive reptilekeeping bills that pop up are connected like cars on a train that is plowing down a track toward the eventual abolishment of our hobby. Visit the websites for PIJAC and USARK often to keep abreast of what’s going on. Of course, USARK President Andrew Wyatt has his own blog here on ReptileChannel, too, so read it, as well. Once again I risk sounding like a broken record by suggesting these things, but important things are happening that reptile hobbyists should know about. Further, just knowing about some of this stuff is not always enough – sometimes you’ve got to act on that knowledge, by taking part in letter-writing campaigns and other such grassroots efforts. You’ve been called upon to do so before, and did an amazing job at voicing your support. You will be called upon to do so again, rest assured.

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