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Reptile Avengers to Travel USA to Promote Reptile Awareness

Group hopes to educate folks about reptiles and other exotic animals.

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Joey Herron of the Reptile Avengers is raising funds to help fund a cross country trip to educate folks about reptiles and other exotic animals. The group is starting in Idaho and will then visit California, and then the East Coast, teaching folks about reptiles along the way.

The group will also be field herping when time permits. Reptile Avengers will also maintain a video diary as well.  The group has a blog started at Reptile Avengers and a GoFund Me page has also been launched with the goal of raising $2,500 to help fund the trip. Any leftover donations will be donated to USARK. 


So please donate if you can to help Herron and the Reptile Avengers educate folks who don't know a whole lot about reptiles.