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Python Abandoned In Fontana, Calif. Apartment Complex Dumpster

The 5-foot ball python was at first unresponsive but is now doing well.

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If you have a reptile and no longer want to care for it, take it to a rescue, don’t dump it in a trash can like someone in Fontana, Calif. did recently. 
A resident of an apartment complex in this working class city in the Inland Empire of Southern California was taking out the trash when he found a 5-foot ball python, complete with its enclosure in the dumpster in the complex, ABC 7 reported.

The man called 911 and told them that he found a python. The police arrived and transported the snake to the Western Riverside Animal Shelter, where the supervisor there noticed the snake was unresponsive and cold to the touch. The snake was then wrapped in a warm towel and put inside a warm office, which helped the snake warm up. The snake has since been sent to an exotic rescue facility. 


In California, animal cruelty is a felony and the person who left the snake in the dumpster, if found, could face felony charges. Anyone with any information regarding this ball python is encouraged to call the Fontana Police Department at (909) 356-TIPS.