Incredible Pets Inc. In Melbourne Florida

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Incredible Pets Inc. In Melbourne Florida

Florida pet store with more than 3,000 square feet of reptile-related space.

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Where can you find a 20-foot python, a 17-foot waterfall, zoo-quality reptile displays and chattering monkeys? The name pretty much says it all: Incredible Pets Inc. In 1990, when partners Gordon Spiwak and Pete and Linda Bandre first spoke of opening a store and discussed everything that they wanted to do with it, they agreed that it would be pretty incredible if they could pull it off. When they finally opened the doors of their 9,000-square-foot facility two years later, the decision to name it Incredible Pets Inc was an appropriate one.

Boasting more than 3,000 square feet of reptile-related space alone, the store is home to thousands of animals, including reptiles, amphibians, birds, domestic mammals, and fresh- and saltwater fish. Each department has several specialists, some who have been with the store for more than a decade and all who are knowledgeable about the specific animals in their care. According to Pete Bandre, “Our store is built for the pet-shop junky — the person who, when visiting another town, just has to stop in a pet store ‘just to see what they have.’”


Looking to Make Reptiles a Career?As someone who has worked with reptiles professionally for more than two decades, and who has enjoyed them as a hobby for his entire life, Pete Bandre had the following advice for those who want a career in reptiles: “Too many times reptile investors forget that they were first reptile enthusiasts. I don’t care if you raise mud turtles or Komodos, stick with what you know works, and don’t get too diversified without first nailing your chosen species. Also, keep records, records, records! Keep track of everything.”

And what they have is substantial. In addition to the usual exotic animals, you can also find a sloth relaxing in its enclosure, small sharks swimming in a large tank, and an enclosed playground for birds, complete with a 30-foot wall of water.

Educating the consumer also takes on a special importance at Incredible Pets Inc. A good 95 percent of their animals are hand-picked, and the staff puts a lot of energy into keeping the animals healthy and seeing to it that they go to good homes.

“When our customers leave, it’s good to hear them say, ‘“Now that was Incredible,’” said Bandre. “Then we know we did what we set out to do.”  REPTILES

Incredible Pets Inc.
2255 North Wickham Rd.,
Melbourne, FL. 1 (321) 255-9091