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A Community That Cares

Reptile community comes to rescue one of its own.

Herper Headshotz – Allen Repashy
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Herping The Pearl

Early on the morning of September 26, Colorado-based Pro Exotics, the well-respected reptile breeding facility owned by Chad Brown and Robyn Markland, caught fire. A post from Robyn on the Pro Exotics Facebook page that morning stated simply, “The Pro Exotics facility is burning.” The reptile community erupted with concern over the shocking news. It got worse as the day progressed, with updates and gut-wrenching photos of incinerated rack systems and the chaos left in the wake of the blaze. Tragically, thousands of animals — mostly snakes — were lost.

The Pro Exotics fire will be remembered as a tragic and horrifying event, but it will also be remembered for another reason. It demonstrated the tremendous compassion of the reptile community. Chad and Robyn were immediately inundated with support, offering everything from help in cleaning up debris to new animals. Brian Potter and Bob Ashley, at their October NARBC show in Tinley Park, Ill., held a special auction to raise money for Pro Exotics and raised $19,510! This speaks volumes about the people, both hobbyists and those in the business, who comprise the reptile community. With their help (and maybe with yours — see below), we’ll all see Pro Exotics literally rise from the ashes to pick up where they left off in the reptile world.


Want to help Pro Exotics?

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