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Reptiles Magazine 0403

Check out what’s inside the March 2004 issue of Reptiles magazine.

In Search Of The Giant Ethiopian Leopard Tortoise: Would The Tales Of A Race Of Larger-Than-Normal Leopard Tortoises Be True?
The REPTILES Tat Attack Tattoo Contest In Back!
BP To Face Lawsuit Over Oil Spill’s Effect On Wildlife


This month:
March 2004

Creating a Living Showcase Vivarium
Build a spectacular dart frog vivarium using these plant suggestions and step-by-step instructions.


Dumeril’s Monitor Lizard 
A look at an uncommon monitor lizard – Varanus dumerilii.

Starter Garters
Don’t overlook the beauty of Thamnophis. 

Satanics and Spearpoints
Keeping and breeding the smaller leaf-tailed geckos of Uroplatus.

12 Sturdy Salamanders 
Care tips and natural history for a dozen available species


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