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The king of all lizards has been let loose with the release of Godzilla.

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Godzilla was spotted in San Francisco last night and the city erected signs warning of the impending attack by the giant reptile. Actually, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, someone hacked into a traffic sign on the city’s Van Ness Blvd. to warn drivers of the impending attack and to “turn back.”



Motorist Ali Wunderman snapped the photos of the traffic sign and told the paper that she thought is was some sort of guerrilla marketing for Godzilla the move, which opened today to good reviews.


The 1990s version of Godzilla, directed by Roland Emmerich was commercially successful but widely panned by critics and Godzilla afficionados as being poorly written and worse, deviating from what Godzilla looked like when it was created by the Toho Company in 1954.

So Godzilla opened today. Are you going to watch the big lizard on the big screen?