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Giant Ambition

Tempted to take on too much?

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Have you ever attended a reptile expo and been tempted to take home an animal that you knew would be a real challenge? I don’t just mean a powerful predator but a large, powerful predator. . .  something the neighbors would not be too thrilled to see you feeding in the backyard. Something that might inspire fire and pitchforks should they realize just how big it will get. If you’re like me, taking on something difficult has a special appeal. Tell me that I can’t do something, and watch how fast I try and figure out how it can be done.

If that sounds like a trait you identify with, flip to page 18 and feast your eyes on Phil Purser’s article about caring for the alligator snapping turtle. Hear his tale of one that lurks in the swamp and is rumored to be up to 400 pounds. Just imagine how thrilled your neighbors would be to see that sucker lumbering across the yard and slipping into the local watering hole.


But perhaps you require a pet that comes in a smaller package and would not require the sacrifice of a finger or two during handling? This month, we have a treat for you, too. Ball python expert Brian Barczyk has written a great article about one of the hobby’s most popular snakes, complete with pictures of all the latest, greatest morphs. Turn to page 26 for all the eye candy you could want.