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Fire Destroys Building At Armstrong Cricket Farm

The 1950s era building was destroyed by fire.

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A fire at Armstrong Cricket Farm in Glennview, GA has destroyed part of the storage area and about 6 million crickets, WTOC reported. 


WTOC-TV: Savannah, Beaufort, SC, News, Weather

According to WTOC, the 1950s-era building fell after firefighters worked to keep the fire from spreading to other parts of the farm. The report said that the large amount of cardboard and wood used to raise the crickets and store them acted as fuel that fed the fire. 

Nobody was injured during the August 6 fire. Employees of the cricket farm worked Friday to salvage what was left from the building that was destroyed by fire and got the computer network up and running. Jeff Armstrong, the owner the of company that has been in his family for several generations said that the remains of the building will be cleared for a new one early next year. Armstrong Cricket Farm is one of the largest cricket farms in the United States, supplying crickets for fish bait as well as food for reptiles. The cause of the fire is not yet known.