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This issue marks the return of Paul Freed, one of my favorite field-herping authors. Paul’s been to many exotic herping destinations and encountered a diverse variety of interesting reptiles and amphibians. And though he’s written for REPTILES in the past, it’s been awhile since his last contribution. So I’m very happy to report that Paul is back with a lavishly illustrated article about some of his field-herping experiences in Vietnam. I’m sure field herpers (and all reptile fans, for that matter) will enjoy his article, along with his top-notch photos. And if you like Paul’s article, check out his book, Of Golden Toads & Serpents’ Roads—it’s packed with herping adventures. Plus, of course, I also plan to hit him up for more articles in the future.

There’s another author returning with this issue, one who has contributed an article or two in the past, but not for some time. And that would be me. I know enough about the most popular pet lizard, the bearded dragon, to put together an article, so I thought I would write it rather than pester a busy beardie breeder to do so. It was fun to write a feature article again, and I hope “Blessed Be the Beardie” helps influence new hobbyists to get some bearded dragons. Doing so would get them off on the right foot in the hobby, after all!