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Reptiles Magazine 0605

Check out what’s inside the May 2006 issue of Reptiles magazine.

Red Eyed Treefrog Outline
Prized Python
Deadline To Comment On Constrictor Snake Ban Approaches


This Month:
March 2006



Breeding Notes on Geochelone Pardalis
Follow the activities of a breeding group leopard tortoises as a seasoned breeder shares his insights on reproducing these awesome tortoises.


By E.J. Pirog


Python Egg Incubation
So you’ve gotten python eggs. Now what? A veteran python breeder discusses the different incubation methods available to you.

By Bob Clark


Species Profile: Drakensberg Crag Lizard
By Bert Langerwerf


Sex By Degrees
Many reptiles display what is known as temperature-dependent sex determination—the temperature they are incubated at affects whether they develop into a male or female.


By Jerry G. Walls


King of Kings
Kingsnakes and milk snakes make wonderful pets. Beautiful and gentle, these snakes have a lot to offer any snakekeeper.
By Robert Applegate



Fertile Fat Tails
Fat-tailed geckos, like their cousins, leopard geckos, are easy to keep and breed. Learn how you can start your own fat-tail colony.

By Sean and Monica Nilande








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