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Eastern Fence Lizard Saved From Glue Trap

A little mineral oil and a bit of elbow grease helped safely remove this eastern fence lizard from a glue trap.

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If you are using glue traps to rid your house of unwanted pests, please reconsider. These devices are like gill nets in that they trap virtually everything that comes into contact with them. Officers with Chesterfield Animal Services in  Chesterfield County, VA safely removed an eastern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus) from a glue trap that a citizen had brought into the facility. The officers used mineral oil to mitigate the glue the reptile was stuck in and safely returned it where it was found. #Wedontlikestickytraps, CAS tweeted out with a picture of officers working to save the lizard.

Also called sticky traps, animals that get stuck in these traps die a slow and painful death.


Think Twice Before Using Glue Or Sticky Traps, You Might Catch A Reptile

In addition to mineral oil, you can safely use vegetable oils and olive oils to safely remove reptiles that are stuck in glue traps. Even butter works. Smooth peanut butter apparently works as well. Just a friendly reminder that glue traps capture virtually everything that steps in the trap. There are more humane remedies to rid your home of unwanted critters. Glue traps aren’t it.