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Carr Fire In California Displaces 20 Tortoises

Rescue volunteers will visit the Shasta Fairgrounds staging area to thank firefighters and hand out "Thank You" buttons for their service.

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The Carr Fire in Northern California has destroyed more than 1,000 homes and killed several people. The fire, which has burned more than 130,000 acres since it was first started July 23, has also displaced 20 tortoises, according to the Tortoise Acres Rescue & Sanctuary, an Anderson, CA-based non-profit that takes in, rehabilitates and rehomes tortoises. 

The rescue, which evacuated from Anderson to Milville July 28, even temporarily took in 130 reptiles from Redding Reptiles, which had to temporarily evacuate due to the fire. They have had their hands full but all the reptiles, including the 70 tortoises that were already at the facility, are doing well. 


"We came back to the sanctuary because the tortoises are very stressed in the hot small quarters in the trailers," the rescue wrote on its Facebook page July 29 during the height of the evacuation. "They need to stretch their legs and eat. We are sitting tight and letting the tortoises destress and calm down before we might have to evacuate again. This fire is so erratic and going in every direction we won't be out of danger for days. With only 5 percent containment and triple digits anything could happen. Thanks for everyone's support in this scary time. Our shelled babies come first! We are still taking in other evacuated tortoises. We will make room no matter what!"

Last week the rescue asked for donations for food for all the tortoises that they are caring for, as most of the tortoises eat from the rescue's irrigated pasture, which is at the rescue.

"Our main concern is tortoise food. Donations to our Paypal turtles@shasta.com account will make it possible to buy tortoise food from the store. Please make it to friends and family so Paypal doesn't charge us. Most of our tortoises eat our irrigated pasture which we can not bring with us. If you can't afford to donate no problem. Please take a minute to pray for us.

The rescue survived the fire, thanks to firefighters and changing wind conditions. The Hoffman's wrote on the Tortoise Acres Rescue & Sanctuary that they will visit the firefighter's August 4 at the Shasta Fairgrounds to thank them for their efforts. Coming along with them will be a few rescued tortoises and thousands of thank you buttons dedicated to the firefighters.  If you wish to donate, visit the Tortoise Acres Rescue & Sanctuary's PayPal account at turtles@shasta.com.