Blanding’s Turtle Gets Some Assistance In Indiana

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Blanding’s Turtle Gets Some Assistance In Indiana

Emydoidea blandingii may get some help from the Friends of Cobus Creek in Indiana

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The Blanding’s turtle (Emydoidea blandingii), an endangered species in the state of Indiana, just received some assistance in the form of a $7500 grant from the Friends of Cobus Creek. The grant money will be used to help improve the creek in which the turtle calls home. 

blandings turtle



The Blanding's turtle is endangered in Louisiana and throughout much of its range.

Other plans for the turtles are to create a captive hatching program in which the eggs of the turtle are collected and hatched out by herpetologist Dr. Bruce Kingsbury, a herpetologist at the Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. The baby turtles are then incorporated into classroom study where they are raised by the students and then are released back into the wild. These plans of course are subject to approval by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Generally, endangered species are not to be meddled with in any way.