Ball Python Missing 3 Months In Maine Found

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Ball Python Missing 3 Months In Maine Found

Mr. Smithers went missing from a home in Orrington.

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Secure your enclosures! After three months on the lam, a woman’s ball python has been found, and she is lucky it was found as winter is setting upon the East Coast and the woman who found it didn't take a shovel to him. 

Mr. Smithers, a ball python that disappeared from his keeper's Orrington, Maine home in July, was apparently well known by the locals of this small town. When Karen Ramsey happened upon the reptile as she cleaned around her backyard greenhouses, she knew the reptile wasn’t native so she called 911. The sheriff who responded said it was a ball python and called animal control, who knew the snake was missing and returned it to his keeper, Valerie Nason, Ramsey’s neighbor. 


“It [Mr. Smithers] is the talk of the town first when he was missing and then it died down and every once in a while someone would say something and now I'm glad there's an ending to it. and a happy ending so far,” Ramsey said. 

Nason, who wasn’t interested in doing an interview, is trying to get the snake healthy again. She did say she is glad to have Mr. Smither’s back and he is doing ok so far.