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Asian Water Monitor Rescued From Canada House Fire

The Asian water monitor was bleeding from running around the house, suffers from smoke inhalation and was expoised to cold weather.

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An Asian water monitor (Varanus salvator) was rescued from a house fire, but may not survive the injuries it sustained while on the loose in the house. Firefighters responding to a Cobourg, Ontario house fire discovered the reptile, along with several others and two dogs in the house. The firefighters were able to remove the pet reptiles from the basement but the water monitor was loose, so the Indian River Reptile Zoo was contacted. The zoo sent out Bry Loyst, curator of the zoo to help capture the six foot lizard. The lizard was then taken to the zoo for further treatment.

The reptile is in bad shape and may not survive, Loyst told the Northumberland News. It was bleeding from trying toe scape the fire and suffered from smoke inhalation. It was also exposed to extremely cold weather.


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Quick-Care Video-Asian Water Monitor

“It is hard to say if it will live,” Loyst told the Northumberland News. “It’s in rough shape.”

Firefighters suspect the lizard may have knocked over a heater that the owner setup to keep the room which the reptile was housed warm.

If the lizard does survive, it will be returned to its owners.