83 Desert Tortoises up for Adoption in Arizona

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83 Desert Tortoises up for Adoption in Arizona

Desert tortoises cannot be released back into the wild once they are kept in captivity.

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If you have the knowledge and commitment, and you have room in your yard, Arizona Game & Fish is looking for forever homes for 83 desert tortoises in the state. 

The tortoises have either been surrendered to the department or were injured and brought in for care and can no longer be released back into the wild due to the potential introduction of diseases to the wild populations of desert tortoises.


The tortoises that the department will adopt out next month range in age from a year old to around 70 years old. The agency says there is no fee to adopt a tortoise, but there are specific requirements that folks interested in adopting must follow with regard to housing. A veterinarian will clear each tortoise before they are adopted out. 

injured desert tortoise

Arizona Game & Fish

This desert tortoise was injured and is up for adoption in Arizona.


If you wish to learn more, visit the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s website

Desert tortoises are protected throughout their range, which includes the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts in Southern California, to Arizona, Nevada and areas in Mexico. The tortoises grow to about 8 to 10 pounds and eat weeds and leafy weeds in the wild.