2011 REPTILES Article Index

An index of all the articles that appeared in REPTILES magazine during the year 2011.

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Reptiles Magazine 1103
March 2011 Editor's Note

Breeder's Choice

January: Striped anerythistic Kenyan sand boa

February: Panther chameleon


March: Jamaican boa

April: Majestic Argentine tegu

May: Orange calico common snapping turtle

June: Designer carrot-tail leopard gecko

July: Ontogenic blue and melanistic green tree python


August: Banded knob-tailed gecko

September: Silver vanishing stripe pigmy

October: Brazilian rainbow boa ghost morph

November: Peruvian/Columbian hypomelanistic boa constrictor


December: Calico crested gecko

Buyer's Guides

February: Caging.

April: Lighting.

June: Diets and supplements.


August: Cage décor.

Herp Queries

January: Why the Restrictions

February: Showing Skin; Rare Rattler


March: Living Museum; Playing Dead

April: What's in a Name?; Cruisin'

May: King Cobras; All the Frills; Mishandling by the Mass Media

June: Sideways Bite


July: Banded Gilas; The Great Snake Race

August: Okeetee OK

September: The Purpose of Color; Which is Worse?

October: Arboreal Interests; Tadpole Clustering; Drive-by Egg Laying

November: Predicting Pregnancy; Herp Connection

December: Choice Chelonian; Internet Information; Psycho Toads?

Herpers' Most Wanted

January: Florida kingsnake

February: Orange-eyed crocodile skink

March: Marbled salamander

April: Chinese box turtle

May: Sinaloan milk snake

June: White-lipped python

July: Matamata

August: Flying gecko

September: Eastern mud turtle

October: Spotted python

November: African bullfrog/ pixie frog

December: Emperor newt

Living With Reptiles

January: Seniors Meeting Snakes: Folks at an Arizona senior center learn to love reptiles

February: Close Call: One kid learns a big lesson: Always have your herp safely contained while in a car

March: Lifelong Herper: A present from a neighbor ignites a lasting passing for herps

April: A Tale of Two Dragons: After the author met her grandma's beardie, she had to have her own

May: Digital Mayhem: A herper learns to monitor his snakes closely

June: Multiplying Menagerie: From afraid to enthralled

July: Reptile Road: The gateway to a career with reptiles

August: Living Science: A love of herps becomes an opportunity to learn

September: Herpetologist Honeymoon: A Colorado woman enjoys reptiles among Mayan ruins

October: Handling Heat: An iguana owner learns to manage her pet's aggressive side.

November: Christmas Miracle: A young herper learns a valuable lesson about safety

December: An Adventure Begins: What started as a hobby, morphs   into marriage.

Reptile Retailer Spotlight

January: La Ferme Tropicale, Lille, France

March: LLL Reptile and Supply Company, Oceanside, Calif.

May: Designer Geckos, Longmont, Colo.

July: The Serpentarium, Lodi, Calif.

October: Incredible Pets Inc., Melbourne, Fla.

December: LLL Reptile, San Diego, Calif.

Vet Report

January: New Beginnings

February: The (Blond) Client

March: Egg-Poaching Hoax

April: Great Minds Meet

May: Veterinarian Cost Control

June: Ethics, Honesty & Profits in the Herp Marketplace

July: Would You Sell this Snake?

August: Name that Bite

September: Knowing the Normal

October: Ignorant vs. Stupid

November: Back to Basics

December: Euthanasia at Home?

Who's Who in REPTILES

February: Dan and Colette Southerland: This couple popularized the ball python morph

April: Phil Goss: Breeding, promoting products and educating the public

June: Brian Barczyk: A herper's passion becomes a business that touches many

August: Jamie K. Reaser: A love for amphibians helped this naturalist overcome childhood illness and took her around the world

November: Alan Kardon: From reptile enthusiast to zoo curator.  REPTILES

• Mediterranean Gems (western Hermann's tortoise)
• Amazing Acrobats (fan-footed gecko)
• What Is It? (axolotl)
• Reptile Rescue
• 2010 REPTILES Article Index

• Ornate & Engaging (ornate box turtle)
• Bullsnake Bonanza
• Time Well-Spent (hourglass tree frog)
• Boost Your Tegu IQ (red tegu)

• To the Point (spiny turtle)
• Living in Your Toilet (turtle health)
• The Other Boa (Dumeril's boa)
• Grass Lizards: Quick and Easy
• Lizards of Arabia (herping in Saudi Arabia)

• Rethinking Reptile Lighting
• Alien Lizard (Cuban false chameleon)
• Seeing Spots (spotted salamander)
• Stellar pythons (Antaresia genus)

• Breeding the Angel Island Chuckwalla
• King of the Mountain (black milk snake)
• Marbled Beauty (Amazon milk frog)
• Prehistoric Challenge (snapping turtle)
• Vivarium Plants with Bite

• Backyard Oasis (turtle pond)
• A Need to Breed (Uroplatus fimbriatus)
• Beauty Snakes of Southeast Asia
• Colorful Crocs (crocodile newts)

• The Stand Up For Snakes Video Contest! (announcement)
• Exotic Offerings (feeder insects)
• A Desert Dweller in Need of Heat (desert iguana)
• Red Tail, Green Body and a Blue Tongue
(red-tailed green rat snake)
• Safeguard Your Beardie's Health
• Set Sail (herping Channel Islands)

• Savu Success (Savu python)
• You've Come a Long Way Baby Turtle (history)
• Ready for Red-Eyes? (red-eyed tree frog
• Understanding What's Underfoot (vivarium substrates)

• A True Jewel (eastern indigo snake)
• Cryptic and Clever (flap-necked chameleon)
• Herp Hunting in the Amazon
• Rare and Delicate (spider tortoise)
• Prepare for the Worst (natural disaster survival tips)

• Crested Appeal (crested gecko)
• Rodent Rundown (feeder rodents)
• Arboreal Acrobats (green tree monitor)
• Keeper of the Flame (fire salamander)
• Small Wonders: Pigmy rattlesnakes

• The Silent Watcher (Central American ornate wood turtle)
• Colorful Canvas (eastern painted turtle)
• Rare Beauties (West Indian boas)
• Endemic Treasures (Central Texas salamanders)
• Avoid the Dreaded "Stick Tail" (leopard gecko health)

• A Manageable Monitor (spiny-tailed monitor/ackie)
• Herp Hideaways
• Electrifying Treasure (electric-blue day gecko)
• The Indotestudo Tortoise Trio
• Alluring Tail (rough-scaled sand boa)

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